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Senior Programme Manager - Aftermarket


I lead the Cobham Business Change Programme, which is focussed on Aftermarket. Aftermarket is all about servicing our product in-service and providing a better service to end users.


The ability to win more business often revolves around our ability to provide excellence in service. The project that I lead is looking at getting Cobham better focussed in this area. This has meant engaging with many teams across Cobham globally and conducting evaluations into Aftermarket activities. This is followed by a detailed assessment of the markets that are served and segmenting the needs of the customers in each market area. We are developing a set of competency training materials to improve our ability to address Aftermarket opportunities.


The whole of my role is focused on driving transformation in the business, so the idea of innovation with insight is very important to me. In many instances this is to try and identify opportunities to pursue new service value with customers. We have written a best practice guide to help others across Cobham extract more value from the services they provide to customers.



Aftermarket Market Analyst


I work for a central Cobham project team with the aim of improving the way Cobham operates, both internally and externally. My role as Market Analyst is very varied. One of my main roles involves analysing each of the Cobham business units' internal data to understand the markets the business unit is active in, the customer base, channels to market and current sustainment practices. I also analyse market data to understand the environment in which the customer operates, with the aim of identifying opportunities and putting plans in place to realise these. In addition, I carry out monthly financial project reporting and am also heavily involved in creating online training materials to support competency development in the area of Aftermarket.


We're dedicated to driving and developing Aftermarket opportunities within the business, so we're creating new skill sets and implementing a more customer-focused approach. For example, having spent some time working with one part of the business on market segmentation, several unexplored opportunities became evident. Segmentation to this level of detail had not previously been carried out, opening avenues of opportunities not previously known about or explored. This expansive list of opportunities encouraged this part of the business to recruit a resource to focus on converting these opportunities, and through continuous support and involvement from the Aftermarket project team, customer support opportunities are thriving.

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