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Global Procurement Director - Electronics Commodities

I joined Cobham four years ago, when the company was just beginning to consider how to consolidate what was, at that stage, a very fragmented supply chain. I was able to start from a blank sheet of paper and help shape the vision, the direction and the processes of a Cobham Procurement organisation. Four years on, the role of Global Procurement Director is well established and we have a clear and agreed set of commodity strategies to help lead us to the kind of supply chain performance we see as our future target.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of the role I have at Cobham is its international dimension. I work every day with colleagues from the USA, Canada, France and Denmark and I've had the opportunity to travel extensively to meet with colleagues, vendors, and, in some cases, customers - including visits to the Middle East, Far East and Australia. Working with and building relationships with people of other nationalities and from cultures, often over a number of years, is a particularly rewarding aspect of my role.

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