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Director Auxiliary Mission Equipment


I form part of the executive team for Cobham Mission Equipment, which is one of two strategic business unit's within the Cobham Mission Systems division. My role involves managing a suite of products across the UK and USA, including weapons carriage and release systems, utilised on many fast jets in the market today.


My role has lots of variety. Tasks can vary from assessing proposals in support of new business, and reviewing production deliveries to ensure our customer commitments are achieved, through to developing strategic relationships with existing and future customers. All of this is achieved by the support of a multi-disciplinary team spanning all functions within the business.


There are many things which demonstrate Cobham's culture of innovation with insight. For example, my business area introduced a cold gas cartridge for pyrotechnic store release systems. The traditional technology uses old fashioned pyrotechnic cartridges to release a store from an aircraft. These cartridges 'explode' in a controlled manner which provides the energy to release the store. However, this technology has limitations, as the explosion leaves a deposit through the system which has to be cleaned once the aircraft returns. We have patented a technology which replaces the pyrotechnic cartridge with a simple device that releases compressed air: no explosion means no cleaning.

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