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Engineering at Cobham is all about innovation. And nowadays, along with innovation, users want timely delivery of cost effective solutions which will directly contribute to mission success. It's the job of the Engineering team to come up with solutions to problems which meet these criteria, make a difference to users and a give a competitive advantage to both our company and our customers. At Cobham, engineers have at their disposal a broad and deep network of thinkers and doers to help generate and refine powerful ideas and turn them into products that win in the marketplace. We are not shy about issuing calls throughout the corporation to elicit targeted expertise to help solve particularly thorny problems. Corporate training and enrichment programmes, such as LCM (Life Cycle Management) and DHP (Development of High Potential), bring people from a great many specialties and perspectives together to foster cross-fertilization and community building.


Some innovations are extremely visible, while others are buried deep in products which are destined to remain client company secrets. Yet they all contribute to the success of the product and the financial success of the customer. Much of the development activity is undertaken behind closed doors but there is no greater satisfaction than witnessing a product that delivers what's required, whether it be saving lives or giving our end users that all important edge.


For example, we pioneered a breakthrough solution to a fundamental problem in using robots to neutralize roadside bombs. Remote-controlled robots hunt for bombs with video cameras that radio their imagery back to human operators in real time. In towns, wideband radio signals develop profound distortion as they ricochet randomly off building walls. Cobham's breakthrough development was a line of especially compact COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexed) radios specifically designed to unscramble the effects of signal ricochet and greatly extend the range of bomb-hunting robots.

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