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In 2002 Cobham delivered a revolution in aircraft navigation safety - the world's first cockpit instrument presenting a real-time 3D digital picture allowing pilots to "see" the world ahead, regardless of visibility outside the cockpit. When fitted to commercial aircraft in south east Alaska as part of a US government programme to improve safety, it helped reduce the accident rate from one every nine days, to zero in aircraft so equipped.


Cobham's avionics expertise, helping aircraft navigate and communicate, is world renowned and trusted by major manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing, Bombardier, Eurocopter and Bell. Its communications, cockpit lighting, safety and navigation systems are standard fit on many light aircraft, commuters and airliners. Every Airbus A380 airliner carries a Cobham system enabling pilots to manage several communications and navigation radios through a single control panel, saving weight, space and pilot effort. And throughout the world, more than 30,000 Cobham autopilots are helping aircraft find their way home safely.


Every day Cobham avionics equipment serves 70 air forces and more than 250 airliners around the world. Cobham employees put their knowledge and passion to work to solve challenges in aircraft safety, efficiency and design, with the knowledge that their products often go to work on the flight decks of major airline and military aircraft.

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