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Every day around the world, military aircraft are involved in a minor technical miracle. Putting aside their usual aversion to sharing airspace with another aircraft, strike aircraft, fighters and even helicopters follow tanker aircraft streaming hoses into their slipstream, plugging a specialised fuel receiver probe onto the end of the hose and taking on tonnes of fuel. In this way short range aircraft have crossed oceans, damaged aircraft have made it home and long range aircraft have performed feats of endurance that have become legend.


Cobham was the first company to manufacture and market a practical system for refuelling airborne aircraft and is still the world leader in the field, providing 95% of the probe and drogue air-to-air refuelling systems in service.


Air-to-air refuelling is a complex feat of science, calling on many disciplines from fluid dynamics to electrical and mechanical engineering. The strategic value of air-to-air refuelling has ensured Cobham personnel have a personal connection with world events such as war in the Persian Gulf, the world's longest search and rescue missions, life saving medical evacuations and the protection of civilians all over the globe.

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