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Safety and Survival



Cobham safety and survival technology has saved more than 27,000 lives since the 1950s and protected many thousands more, including mountaineers and offshore yacht racers, fighter pilots and astronauts.


Cobham even played its part in the "Miracle On The Hudson" ditching of a US airlines aircraft in January 2009, providing stored gas systems that inflated the aircraft's liferafts.


Every US astronaut has breathed through a Cobham oxygen regulator since John Glenn orbited the earth in 1962. And every US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps pilot uses Cobham's automatic life preserver inflation and parachute release systems, which dramatically increased the percentage of pilots surviving an overwater ejection after their introduction in the 1980s.


Boeing's new B787 Dreamliner features a Cobham system which floods the aircraft's fuel tanks with inert gas, dramatically reducing the risk of fire.


Through Cobham's technologies, the International Space Station recreates earth's atmosphere as closely as possible. Mariners and pilots in danger activate personal satellite beacons little larger than mobile phones that broadcast their position on the earth's surface, accurate to within metres. US Army soldiers and helicopter pilots in the deserts of Iraq ward off potentially lethal heat stress with refrigerated vests that triple their effective endurance.

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