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Satellite communications have changed the world. Corporate executives now send email, surf the web and hold video conferences on board jets at 30,000 feet. In 2009 in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, disaster authorities bypassed the crippled national telecoms system and coordinated international aid, rescue operations and emergency services through portable Cobham satellite dishes that self-deployed from packages little larger than a suitcase.


Across the world's oceans, Cobham marine systems sit under distinctive "golf ball" domes on thousands of ships, oil and gas platforms and luxury yachts, automatically tracking their designated satellite to deliver broadband web access and satellite television, despite the roll and pitch of a vessel at sea.


Cobham has been a satellite communications market leader for 30 years. Through research and development, Cobham has often led innovation in fields such as SATCOM On The Move, allowing users to send and receive from vehicles moving at up to 95mph, and the eternal quest to create antennas which are smaller, more robust and more powerful than their predecessors.


Cobham's innovators listen to customers and design to solve problems. Innovation with Insight acknowledges that customers want to communicate without the need for great technical knowledge - which is why Cobham's auto-deploy satellite dishes unfold from their storage cases, power up, self-check and then find and automatically track their designated satellite, all at the touch of a button.

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